Again, At Last

by Jake Paleschic

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released April 18, 2015

Recorded in the spring of 2014 at Ramble Creek Recording Studios, Austin, TX.

Engineered by Britton Beisenherz

Mastered by Jim Wilson



all rights reserved


Jake Paleschic Fort Worth, Texas

"This is music firmly rooted in American soil, even while collectively the band explores newer frontiers of folk, rock and roll, and country"


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Track Name: The Time
I've tried to live a married life while keeping commitment in the back of my mind
like somehow if I waited for it, situations like stars would align
and as a result I've been building up this uncontrollable desire
that's never happy, always trying to grant itself one more spark of fire

I've nearly broken down each time I take the time to think of what I've done
not only mine, but her life's hanging on with honesty and hope while I stay young

So make me absent from my body
don't let selfishness or self-seeking desires keep me from the road I'm on
when I die, I wanna keep on seeing, looking at my body falling down
and know there's nothing more that bag of flesh can do
I'm off to higher ground

This year too many people I know died, it feels like something's calling them together
or maybe I've just reached an age where nothing's hidden, and I'd like to think that's better
Jake's a man I barely knew and Tim I never even gave the time
what breaks my heart is knowing that the time I never gave was never mine
Track Name: When It Is Played
It's not the tune that makes the man
nor the words writ from his hand
but when he shakes from fear and loss
they both come crawling out of him

He will not choose the form it takes
only its hours and its days
and then it rises from the sand
it is brought forth by no mistake

So let it move about
let it howl and shout
without hindering or stepping in its way
when at last it is done
you will know it by the sound
of silence in the room when it is played

now Jacob Christopher, you've run
from every song under the sun
by heeding words spoken o'er mine
and I will not listen when you strum

Track Name: Bullet
Barreling forward like a bullet sent wildly is a man with good intentions
he stops not, he wants not, and his breath is giving out
coming to meet him is an angel, flying, he's got a load, a real crusher
he stops not, he wants loyalty
and I'm tired

Tired of these old fears and cold lies
I need a new place where we both can hide
with new trials and new fun
I got a new life and I'm ready to run like a bullet

There's a lady in a meadow crying for a love she loves not
and high above is God, on wings, he sings
He sings for her

Track Name: Black Hole
Father wants to talk so here I am
tell me what I did wrong, I'm just a man
with my arms in a vice I can't shake these hard times
I can't not give in, I don't earn what I spend

I don't deserve this world, I don't deserve to sing
I'm not a man, I'm not a king
I've got a wealth of lies like a gushing spring
and I've been a'floating towards evil things

so break me like a horse that's gone crazy
I'm getting drug, fast, to a black hole
and I' don't wanna be

I'll thank you now, before you leave
through your hidden doors, for letting me breathe
I don't deserve this world, I don't deserve to sing
I'm not a man, I'm not a king
Track Name: Thank You For The Bad Days
Thank you for the bad days
they keep me sharp, they keep me sane
I never will forget your name
thank you for the bad days

I love to watch you open up your eyes
I love to see the bird and how he flies
I love watching the sun go up and down
then the big bad moon comes out and beats me down

Thank you for the hard nights
I get my tongue in trouble and my fist into a fight
I never seem to give much thought to what's right
when I'm aching through a hard night

Keep me living, keep me feeling pain
it's all I think I've felt today
I try my best to steer clear of hate
but it's taking all I've got to keep my face straight
Track Name: Easy Living
There is a darker force than you would believe
came to me in the mirror not one time but three
said, "boy, you've done good work up here, it's what I like to see
in return I'll take your life and throw it towards my slaves that need to feed"

The raven cawed, my sister bawled, my feet tried to run
but every fear or dream I ever had became one
and stood before me on my path, spoke a universal tongue
then right before the kill I closed my hands and called out to the One

said, "I believe, I can't deny what I've seen
I've got to go, if I don't I know my heart won't grow
this I know"

Why would I hate my struggles when every day is a new one?
you try to take me all the way, it's funny, I'm already done
it's like following the leader when I'm following the Son
I try to hold the truth back but it's burning up my tongue

Track Name: Long May I Sleep
I can't believe myself, how could I believe someone else?
I can't afford the shoes I wear, I got them back before when I had cash to spare
long may I wear them

I want the life I have to finally dig its grave, I want to lose the battle with the world I crave
let me walk and think a while and I'll find and doubt the truth in every song I write
long may I write

Now I see the way that all things come, not a bite of food will ever touch my tongue
if it isn't in the will of my beloved One, and truly I say He watches every crumb
low, he hides all the things I wanna bite

A handful at a time I take the things I see, I try to write them down and take them back with me
I wrestle but the words don't sound the way they read, it's like trying to pull my childhood from out a dream
long may I sleep
Track Name: Insider
There was a bad thing inside of me
tried to tell me what I could be
saying, "walk this way, I've got just the thing for you"

But he really don't like me
'cause I'm always running free
of the traps that he lays and the lies that he weaves

you've got to bring him into the light
just like a hunter, look dead in his eyes
pull the trigger tight

I got away from that filthy murderer
but I'm gonna get a little bit further
there're a million trails and all but one lead to hell
still, I'm only going one place or the other

He took my family
but he couldn't take me
I was all alone with my insensitive beliefs