Cowboy Songs

by Jake Paleschic

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released April 12, 2015

Recorded in the spring of 2015 at New Media Recordings

Engineered by James Talambas



all rights reserved


Jake Paleschic Fort Worth, Texas

"This is music firmly rooted in American soil, even while collectively the band explores newer frontiers of folk, rock and roll, and country"


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Track Name: Cowboy Songs
Here're some cowboy songs to listen to
About men with dreams and nothing to lose
Here's a can of corn and a spoon
Fill yourself before sun turns to moon
Watch it go

More than not you're working to the bone
You're too tired to make love when you get home
You've got ugly hands for holding, but she don't care
Sit back and feel fingers through your hair
Brother, say "oh"
Track Name: Strange Change
Strange change is a good thing
It likes to rip folks apart, change the hue of their face
There's no time like the present, no place like home for change

I could pour me a tall glass of the sky so wise
I could bicker and fuss, I could tuck tail and hide
But i'll wrap around you and let the spirit inside

Be still and let my words fall on water
I'm patient to see just how tall
A man can get when he's got it all

Good things came when I waited for the drought to end
My habits I could crush for you and my lust I could send away
But there' nothing I can do to avoid that fateful day when our beauty falls away

What's my name in the language of the men who came in the name of the Lord?
Hallowed be the flame that burns beneath me; let me try to explain before you blame me like before
It's all spiritual to the young, blonde, easy-going lover's soul
But it's "all hail" to the spirits that soar down the throat of the man who says the devil makes him drink more
Time away will do us well
Take the chance that he gave us and give 'em hell
Track Name: Endless Love
A calf caught with his head in a fence
I saw it once and felt it since
The field 'round glowed yellow-grey and the wind cried
A cat called and the cow died

Was he trying, Lord? Not trying hard enough
Had he reached the end of what I thought was an endless love?

It's 3 in the morning and I'm going home
The only thing I need to find peace is to be alone
But I reach for coffee and I reach for the phone
And to extend my gaze to tomorrow is to curse my bones

I spent 4 years lying to myself
How I could take a bride and put her on the shelf
But I never thought I'd be writing songs
About how I hurt the girl and took too long

Oh, but I'm trying, Lord. Not trying hard enough.
Have I reached the end of what I thought was an endless love?

I wish to make amends, I want not to run
Don't want to chase ghosts like forgiveness and fun
Though I'm a young man, I've already made a mess of my life
But you can see the change, you know I'm gonna try

Oh, and I'm trying, Lord. Not trying hard enough.
I cannot reach the end of what I know to be an endless love.
Track Name: Something I Can't Wait to See
Everything I see is only there to remind me of the things that hide
Illumination brings both beauty and a scar
Let not my wounds reflect my heart

It will glow and it will rise
Into a new form made up the best that it can be
And it's something I can't wait to see

Living out my dreams makes it hard on the ones who try so hard to deny
That the way things seem may not be the way things are
Let your body die, let you'r eyes see far

You will glow and you will rise
Into a new form made up the best that it can be
And it's something I can't wait to see