Easy Living

from by Jake Paleschic



There is a darker force than you would believe
came to me in the mirror not one time but three
said, "boy, you've done good work up here, it's what I like to see
in return I'll take your life and throw it towards my slaves that need to feed"

The raven cawed, my sister bawled, my feet tried to run
but every fear or dream I ever had became one
and stood before me on my path, spoke a universal tongue
then right before the kill I closed my hands and called out to the One

said, "I believe, I can't deny what I've seen
I've got to go, if I don't I know my heart won't grow
this I know"

Why would I hate my struggles when every day is a new one?
you try to take me all the way, it's funny, I'm already done
it's like following the leader when I'm following the Son
I try to hold the truth back but it's burning up my tongue



from Again, At Last, released April 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Jake Paleschic Fort Worth, Texas

"This is music firmly rooted in American soil, even while collectively the band explores newer frontiers of folk, rock and roll, and country"


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