from by Jake Paleschic



There was a bad thing inside of me
tried to tell me what I could be
saying, "walk this way, I've got just the thing for you"

But he really don't like me
'cause I'm always running free
of the traps that he lays and the lies that he weaves

you've got to bring him into the light
just like a hunter, look dead in his eyes
pull the trigger tight

I got away from that filthy murderer
but I'm gonna get a little bit further
there're a million trails and all but one lead to hell
still, I'm only going one place or the other

He took my family
but he couldn't take me
I was all alone with my insensitive beliefs



from Again, At Last, released April 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Jake Paleschic Fort Worth, Texas

"This is music firmly rooted in American soil, even while collectively the band explores newer frontiers of folk, rock and roll, and country"


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