The Time

from by Jake Paleschic



I've tried to live a married life while keeping commitment in the back of my mind
like somehow if I waited for it, situations like stars would align
and as a result I've been building up this uncontrollable desire
that's never happy, always trying to grant itself one more spark of fire

I've nearly broken down each time I take the time to think of what I've done
not only mine, but her life's hanging on with honesty and hope while I stay young

So make me absent from my body
don't let selfishness or self-seeking desires keep me from the road I'm on
when I die, I wanna keep on seeing, looking at my body falling down
and know there's nothing more that bag of flesh can do
I'm off to higher ground

This year too many people I know died, it feels like something's calling them together
or maybe I've just reached an age where nothing's hidden, and I'd like to think that's better
Jake's a man I barely knew and Tim I never even gave the time
what breaks my heart is knowing that the time I never gave was never mine


from Again, At Last, released April 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Jake Paleschic Fort Worth, Texas

"This is music firmly rooted in American soil, even while collectively the band explores newer frontiers of folk, rock and roll, and country"


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